Happy Labor Day Lashistas!
September 2, 2019
Happy Lash’o’ween!
October 31, 2019



Hello my beautiful Lashistas! I hope everyone is having an Dazzling Tuesday!

There is nothing we love more at Dazzling lash then a really good Before and

after picture. My beautiful Lashista client was excited to get volume lashes

for the first time. Getting the length and fullness just perfect for each client is very

important. everyone has different shaped eyes so keeping the lash extensions in

tune with the eye shape is key to a successful long wearing set of lash extensions.

We also use the best lash extensions on the market which help create a comfortable

long wearing set of lash extensions. Last but definitely not least is our amazing Dazzling

lash glue! Our glue has NO formaldehyde, LATEX FREE, and it’s formulated and designed in

Los Angeles, USA. This glue is truly amazing and has a very lengthy retention rate from 3-4

weeks per fill. The best part is it keeps your natural lashes healthy and growing.



  Make sure to complete your look with Dazzling Volume Lashes!

Book online https://www.dazzlinglash.com or call 714-650-0040!

Keeping your Natural lashes Healthy while giving you Dazzling Volume

is our Guarantee! Southern California Lash Extension Specialist!


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