Happy Lash’o’ween!
October 31, 2019
Plasma Skin Tightening is FINALLY HERE!
November 19, 2019

Healthy Natural dark lashes aren’t just for women. Men want and need healthy dark natural lashes too!
Dark lashes add definition and youth to our face.

For centuries we’ve put mascara on women to darken and lengthen our lashes, but the men are left with no
options. Then we grab our eyelash curlers to add definition and lift our lashes, while once again men are left with
flat straight lashes and there is nothing they can do about it until now.

I created a lite lash tint and lift formulated just for men to enhance their natural lashes without the dramatic results
that we have formulated for women. I wanted to maximize the male lash while maintaining a natural male lash look.

We lightly tint the male lash for that definition effect while adding a lite lift to display the tint.
This male lash service lasts up to 8 weeks and its so subtle and natural no one will even know you had it done.
Only at Dazzling Lash in Lake Forest California!
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