November 10, 2019

The Perfect Male LASH LIFT & TINT for MEN!

Healthy Natural dark lashes aren’t just for women. Men want and need healthy dark natural lashes too!Dark lashes add definition and youth to our face.For centuries we’ve put mascara on women to darken and lengthen our lashes, but the men are left with nooptions. Then we grab our eyelash curlers to add definition and lift our lashes, while once again men are left withflat straight lashes and there is nothing they can do about it until now.I created a lite lash tint and lift formulated just for men to enhance their natural lashes without the dramatic resultsthat we have formulated for women. I wanted to maximize the male lash while maintaining a natural male lash look.We lightly tint the male lash for that definition effect […]
June 3, 2019

We Offer Yumi Lash Lift & Tint!

Mondays can be rough, so let Dazzling Lash give your life a little Lash LIFT! Dazzling lash offers YumiLash, the superior Lash Lift. You can also get your lashes tinted while they are lifting during your appointment. What is YumiLash? It’s an alternative to lash extensions and falsies for a curled lash effect.While some lash lifts use perm and ammonia solutions, YUMI Lashes use a keratin treatment that enhances your natural lashes by lifting the hairs and curling them. The best part about YumiLash is everyone is a candidate. Dazzling Lash uses the newest most advanced YumiLash formula. How should you prepare? Refrain from using waterproof mascara and an eyelash curler 2-3 days prior to your appointment to ensure the lashes are relaxed and dry […]
March 31, 2019

Beach Lash Extensions

On a Sunny Beach Sunday like today, it makes me appreciate my Volume Lash Extensions a little more then I normally do. I used to go to the beach and put on waterproof mascara before we left just so I felt like I wasn’t walking out of my house completely naked. Once my face hit that salt water, my waterproof mascara was all over my eyes stinging and making me look like Momma Raccoon! So I learned to avoid the best part of the beach, SWIMMING! Once I started doing Lash Extensions I realized I could never have another amazing beach day without them!It takes so no time to hop out of bed, Grab the kids and run down to the beach with my face […]
March 10, 2019

Sundays & Lashes

On a lazy Sunday like today, it makes me appreciate my Volume Lash Extensions a little more then I normally do. Here’s my recipe for a perfect Sunday! Step 1.) Wake up & stretch. Step 2.) Wash face & brush teeth Step 3.) Brush your hair & lashes gently. Step 4.) Be Lazy & Love Your Lashes! Wanna have a Perfect Sunday too? Book your appointment online or call me at 714-650-0040
March 7, 2019
eyelash extensions volume yumi lash

Just Lash it!

Make sure to complete your look with Dazzling Volume Lashes! Book online or call 714-650-0040! Keeping your Natural lashes Healthy while giving you Dazzling Volume is our Guarantee! Southern California Lash Extension Specialist! #volumelash #dazzlinglash #lashextention #socallashes #lakeforestlash #yumilash
March 1, 2019


March Beauty Madness Giveaway! Dazzling Lash appreciates our beauty fans so much that we want to give away One Free Full Set of Volume Lash Extensions or a Full Set Yumi Lash absolutely free to one lucky Beauty fan! To enter to win follow the instructions below. ALL INSTRUCTIONS must be followed to win, the winner will be announced March 15th! 1.) Must be following Our Instagram @dazzling_lash 2.) Must like this post on Instagram >Click Here< 3.) Tag at least 3 friends on Instagram. (The more people you tag the more entries you get!) 4.) Repost this on your instagram page and make sure to tag us! That’s it! Let the giveaway begin! @dazzling_lash dazzlinglash #volumelashes #lashextensions #socallashes #yumilash #megavolumelashes #lakeforest #giveaway #eyelashes […]
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