November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from Dazzling lash

  Dear Dazzling Lashinistas, we are so grateful to be spending this Thanksgiving with all of you. We love Thanksgiving because we have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful forour amazing clients, our loving family, and the DAZZLING lashes we’ll be wearing at Thanksgiving dinner! Happy Thanksgiving! To book an appointment visit: https://www.dazzlinglash.comDAZZLING LASH 23361 El Toro #205, Lake Forest CACall/text for appointment: 714-650-0040
September 17, 2019

Before & After Dazzling Lash volume

    Hello my beautiful Lashistas! I hope everyone is having an Dazzling Tuesday! There is nothing we love more at Dazzling lash then a really good Before and after picture. My beautiful Lashista client was excited to get volume lashes for the first time. Getting the length and fullness just perfect for each client is very important. everyone has different shaped eyes so keeping the lash extensions in tune with the eye shape is key to a successful long wearing set of lash extensions. We also use the best lash extensions on the market which help create a comfortable long wearing set of lash extensions. Last but definitely not least is our amazing Dazzling lash glue! Our glue has NO formaldehyde, LATEX FREE, and […]
September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day Lashistas!

Happy Labor Day to all my Lashistas! I hope you are having a Dazzling Labor day! For those who are wondering what Labor Day is about, don’t feel bad…I myself have celebrated Labor Day my entire life, but never really thought about why we had the holiday or what the holiday was about. I always just thought of it as the holiday that gave us a extra Monday off and marked the end of summer and the beginning of school for a majority of the east coast. But this weekend I took the time to look up and learn a little more about Labor Day so I wanted to share it with all of my fabulous Dazzling Lashistas!   The first Labor Day came about […]
August 1, 2019

It’s Dazzling Lashes Birthday! It’s time to celebrate!

Guess What? 🎉 It’s almost our BIRTHDAY!!! Since we love to celebrate we’re having a DAZZLING LASH Sale! Get One Full Set of Volume Lash Extensions for ONLY $99! With 2 paid fill ins for only $80!   Book your appointment online: Call/Text: 714-650-0040 Hurry this sale will only last until September 1st!
April 22, 2019

Spring Lash Shed – What it Is & What To Do About It

The weather’s getting warmer & for many of us, it couldn’t come faster! But April showers don’t just bring May flowers. As the season starts to change into spring, your lashes are changing too. On average, humans shed between 2 to 5 lashes every day. At any given point in, you have lashes in every stage of growth – from baby lashes just appearing, to more mature lashes, to fully grown ones ready to shed. While a single lash normally takes months to complete its growth cycle, that cycle can shift in the spring, causing lashes to shed more frequently. If you start to notice your lashes falling out more then normal, don’t panic! This is completely normal and that’s why I’m here to help […]
March 31, 2019

Beach Lash Extensions

On a Sunny Beach Sunday like today, it makes me appreciate my Volume Lash Extensions a little more then I normally do. I used to go to the beach and put on waterproof mascara before we left just so I felt like I wasn’t walking out of my house completely naked. Once my face hit that salt water, my waterproof mascara was all over my eyes stinging and making me look like Momma Raccoon! So I learned to avoid the best part of the beach, SWIMMING! Once I started doing Lash Extensions I realized I could never have another amazing beach day without them!It takes so no time to hop out of bed, Grab the kids and run down to the beach with my face […]
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