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August 1, 2019
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September 17, 2019

Happy Labor Day to all my Lashistas! I hope you are having a Dazzling Labor day! For those who are wondering what Labor Day is about, don’t feel bad…I myself have celebrated Labor Day my entire life, but never really thought about why we had the holiday or what the holiday was about. I always just thought of it as the holiday that gave us a extra Monday off and marked the end of summer and the beginning of school for a majority of the east coast. But this weekend I took the time to look up and learn a little more about Labor Day so I wanted to share it with all of my fabulous Dazzling Lashistas!


The first Labor Day came about in 1882 because workers felt they were spending too much time on the job. It was meant to give them time off to enjoy BBQ’s and time with family. As time went on the holiday became a national tribute to the contributions workers made to strengthen prosperity. A day of festivities held in honor of working people! Work days used to consist of minimum 12 hours day, not the 8 hour we know today. They also never heard of overtime back then. If we go over 40 hours per week now, we get overtime, but that was non-existent back then.


Suddenly, knowing that makes me appreciate Labor Day and all of the hard work we do in America so much more! It’s a day off to celebrate how hard we work all year long, and gosh dang it we deserve that! We deserve a holiday dedicated to us being Dazzling hard workers! YAY FOR ALL OF US!!!


I hope all my Lashistas have had an awesome holiday weekend and you enjoyed every moment of it! I know that as the long weekend comes to an end it is always a little bit of a bummer to think of having to jump back into work again tomorrow, but rather than dreading work keep these cute quotes in mind:


“Lashes make EVERYTHING better.”

“The only drama that I enjoy is in my Lashes.”


“MONDAY Nothing a pair of Lashes can’t fix”

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Have a great Holiday everyone, Dazzling Lash

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